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The debate on Roma education

The problem of Roma education has represented a challenge for the educational and social policies in Bulgaria for years. A remnant from socialist times are specialized public schools, where mostly Roma children learn crafts. The Ministry of Education claims that the inclusion of the Roma people to the educational system ...

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A model for promoting citizen participation in liberal academic environments

Author: Dr. Antoaneta Mateeva This text aims to present a model for the development of active citizenship of young people in Bulgaria. It uses a form of academic credit for volunteer work in the community of students in the second year of their undergraduate training, aiming to integrate the values ...

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Improving health – an overview of approaches and issues of ethics

Author: Ilina Nikolova Improving health – which are the approaches Traditionally thought of within medical expertise, the improvement of health takes more than the efforts of medicine alone. In their fundamental work on social medicine McKeown and Lowe (1974) argue that the improvement of the environmental conditions (sanitation, nutrition, etc.) ...

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Exclusion and inclusion. Diversity and exclusion

Author: Harlan Alexandrov The goal of ​​this article is to explore the phenomena of inclusion and exclusion in human groups and communities. The difference between people is a fact of reality that can be interpreted and used in different ways. Too often, it is misused for the purposes of power ...

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Psychodynamic approaches to training: The experience of group work with minority leaders

by Toma Tomov, Maya Mladenova, Haralan Alexandrov Introduction This paper is an attempt to demonstrate how political issues are unconsciously mobilised to undermine individual development and self-authorisation of Roma community activists. It attempts to demonstrate that corporate interests have a disruptive effect on the fragile links established for the performance ...

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